Security Robot Hilariously Drowns Itself and Commits Suicide

Here’s some good news for those suspicious and scared of Artificial Intelligence and robots. This article will probably make you smile and think there’s still hope for humanity. In Washington D.C, a retail complex coupled with an office complex in Georgetown, bought a K5 autonomous data machine, in the hopes that this egg-shaped robot will provide them with security. Instead this poor fella drowned itself by falling into a fountain.

Developed by Knightscope in 2013, the k5 weighs up to 300 pounds and stands 5ft tall. It is built with thermal imaging, video camera, license plate recognition, among other things. The Knightscope’s k5, a security patrol guard was clearly designed to help security firms and law enforcement. If the K5 detects abnormal noise and temperature change, or known criminals, it will alert local authorities. Unfortunately however, this specific K5 unit quit its job by killing himself and drowning in a fountain. Where are the psychologists when you need them?

If you are sympathizing with this cute but suicidal robot don’t, it’s a machine. If you disagree, then this might change your mind. This year, a poor drunken fellow got arrested for knocking over a K5. Around last summer (2016), a K5 unit reportedly tripped up a toddler and drove away. News flash people- Robots don’t have feelings!

The rocket shaped Robo-cop is hired by various industries, from hospitals to shopping malls. Knightscope reported that the incident is being investigated and that k5 tumbled down the stairs and fell to its death in the ankle-deep water. Knightscope also ensured the audience that no one was hurt and promised a free replacement to the office complex. I guess the best way to protect yourself in a robot invasion is to find yourself a fountain!

The K5’s name was Steve (Rest in peace Steve) and it actually drew little sympathy from the by-standers. Though they were rather uncertain how to help this motion-less and drowning robot, they also had their own share of fun by tweeting about this tragic incident, that went viral. Take a look yourself!