It Seems Like We Can No Longer “Keep Up” With the Kardashians

The Kardashian family is taking over world media, and it seems us civilians can just no longer Keep Up.

As I scroll through the Daily Mail snapchat story, I realize a very obvious trend. Page one – Kylie confesses to new lip surgery, page two – Kim and Kanye step out hand in hand, Page 3 – has Scott finally gone too far? On and on it goes, page after page, with the Kardashian family and their off shoots dominating social media.

A Swift Learning Curve

This family, and the fame they bring with them, has reached new heights. Starting from their reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians all the way back in 2007, a decade later the Kardashian clan is still on everyone’s lips. However, it was not always like that.

Kris Jenner, momager of the family admits that in 2009, after three seasons of Keeping up With the Kardashians, it began to dwindle. Ratings were down and people were tired of the petty storyline dictating the family’s lives. It was the announcement by Kourtney that a baby was due that began to speed things right back up. It seems viewers were craving real life trials and tribulations rather than a series revolving around first-world problems. And so, after a marriage, a divorce, fertility problems, babies, and more babies, the show and its spin off grip millions of viewers worldwide.

These days, their fame is no longer confined to a night series. The tentacles of fame that the Kardashian/ Jenner girls possess range from actress, model, entrepreneur to designer and brand manager. And while in the first few years of Kardashian fame it was Kim, Khloe and Kourtney who were in the spotlight, in recent years both Kendal and Kylie have made names for themselves too.

Kendal reaching her dream of supermodel status walking for brands such as Vogue and Victoria Secret, and Kylie with her own cosmetic brand and large social media presence, was the youngest person in history to make the Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2017.

A Stressful Life

But, with all this world-dominating fame, there is bound to be more than a handful of people getting hurt. Not everyone can handle twenty-four seven media scrutiny and the lifestyle of being/ or being close to a Kardashian. Take both Kourtney and Kim’s exes. Kim’s 72-day marriage to Kris Humphry left a disillusioned Kris, and Kourtney’s ex and father of her children Scott has admitted to a drinking problem.

That being said, it is their brother Robert Kardashian who I think should be felt for the most. Never feeling so comfortable with fame, it is known that Rob has dealt with depression and rapid weight gain over the past years, disappearing in and out from the series. However, it is the most recent scandal with his ex Blac Chyna which has caused the world to cover its gawking mouth in shame.

Never fully stable, their relationship spiraled out of control when Robert posted pornographic footage of Chyna after she sent him a video of her making out with another guy. Yes, it sounds very petty ridiculously vengeful and downright dirty showing very clearly that not everyone was made for the kind of fame and fortune that goes hand in hand with being a member of the Kardashian clan. And while the girls and their families have mainstream media in the palm of their hands, not everyone in the family is benefiting.