Selfie Backlash: Look Around Before You Take That Shot

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When we’re about to hit the Snap button on our phones, we often take forever to get the angle, the balance and the camera lighting just right. What people often forget once they throw up that selfie is that no matter how good you look or how much you are showing off, the background still matters a great deal.

It’s not uncommon to throw up a selfie, expecting everyone to be like “wow” etc. – but when the comedy comments roll in, you don’t quite get why.

What are they laughing at!?

There’s a big chance that they are laughing at your background! Want proof? Here are some shots of hilarious examples of people who maybe took the selfie snap before analyzing where they took it.

Clean Your Room.

A certain ‘expert’ is really making the news at the moment for his self-help stuff, helping people to get into the act of cleaning their room. It would appear that this girl should maybe listen to some of his ideas. Looking dazzling in every other way, her room – which appears to resemble an explosion scene such is the mess – somewhat takes away from the overall effect of the shot.

When you see him...

We certainly hope that she knows that eyeball sticking out from behind the shower curtain. If she didn’t know him then, uh, that might make the photo a touch scarier. That being said, we doubt it would get uploaded…unless she never noticed.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

When you want to show everyone how nice you look before or on a night out, try and do it after you’ve done your business on the loo. The mirror gives it away, my friend. We can clearly see a bit more than you intended with this shot – unless she’s exceptionally open about her bathroom habits!

Three's a Crowd.

When you take a snap with your partner, the last thing you want is Mr or Ms. Third Wheel being there all the time. When this couple took this shot, we dare say they wanted a touch of privacy in the shot. With the invader peeking in-between their shoulders, it’s a comical shot that kind of sums up, in a way, why he’s the third wheel…personal space, man!

You’ve Been Caught.

Ever come across those people who make up ridiculous scenarios to try and get likes and stuff on social media? Yeah, this guy. Mate, we can see your feet holding up the bloody tablet – so much for your girlfriend taking the snap, huh? I don’t even know how this one would make it online. Surely your brain would do the sums for you and tell you that you’ll get caught out?

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