Sex Myths That Are Totally True

Sex is a wonderful thing, most would say. It can be a great conversation starter, just don’t start a conversation with your girlfriend’s parents with some of the myths from this article. In almost every other case, it will be ok. So, let’s begin…

You can get stuck with your partner

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Yes, just like dogs, people can get stuck while having sex. It doesn’t happen that often, but it actually happens. This is possibly the most embarrassing thing that could happen to anyone, but thankfully most people don’t get into this kind of situation. This rare situation occurs when the female partner gets scared or shocked during intercourse when her vagina squeezes on the penis more firmly than anyone could expect. When this happens, there is no possibility of withdrawing the penis from the vagina.

Hickeys can paralyze or even kill you

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If you are a teenager, don’t think this is a joke or a fake article your parents showed you just so you will think twice before having a boyfriend/girlfriend or intercourse. It is actually reported on FOX news back in 2011 that a 44-year-old woman got partially paralyzed from a hickey. When you want to leave a love bite, there is usually some suction involved or you’re not doing it right. The suction actually makes a bruise inside a vessel, which can make a clot in an artery, which can lead to a stroke that could kill you. The next time you plan on being intimate with your partner, think twice before you decide to leave a love bite.

You can break your penis


Yes, as gross as it sounds, it is possible, and it is not that rare as you would think. It is called a penile fracture, although there are no bones in the penis, and it’s a totally different kind of injury from a fracture. You don’t have to worry all the time about this, it can happen only when your penis is in full erection and it usually happens while having intercourse. If this, God forbid, happens, you will know, so there is no need to list the symptoms of a penile fracture. The only thing you need to know that there is a lot of pain involved…

Sex can cause blindness

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You all know the saying “masturbating can make you go blind”? Well, most of you might have thought that it’s complete BS. It’s not… It’s actually medically possible to have an orgasm so intense that you go blind. The good thing is that it’s not permanent. It lasts only a few minutes but for someone, it can be a scare of a lifetime. For some unusual reason, it happens in only one eye. If you EVER lose your sight while having intercourse or any other hard work, go see a doctor. This is a classic stroke symptom.

Blue balls


This is information for both sexes. Blue balls are legit! It is really possible for a dude to get blue balls due to lack ejaculation when it should happen but doesn’t. It’s a ridiculous phenomenon that is mostly used by horny teenage boys to guilt girls into having sex with them. The thing they usually don’t know is that it’s extremely painful and uncomfortable due to the swelling that could occur. Don’t worry, there is a cure for this… Just get to your room or bathroom, be sure to lock your door and whack it. It’s that simple.