The Singular Link Between All Blue-Eyed People

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Life tends to throw some very weird situations at us. We find out all manner of odd facts and weird scenarios that simply don’t sound like they should be possible. One of the oddest things that you could find out, though, is how our genetics link all blue-eyed people back to one particularly odd trait. Everyone with blue eyes should read this; it turns out you’ve got something rather strange in common!

Given family trees stretch back much further than any of us usually tend to go, it’s not inconceivable that new scientific discoveries could be true. Apparently, everyone with those beautiful blue eyes has a link to a European gentleman of 6-10,000 years ago. Brown eyes were the main eye colour beforehand, according to gene experts, until OCA2 began to cause changes to the pigment of the eyes.

Today, we can get all manner of eyes – green, grey, hazel; all a similar style of colour to the original brown. Blue, though? Where does that come from?

In 2006, the HERC2 gene was found in Spain when looking at the body of a Stone Age mans preserved body. Experts found that the body had both dark-skinned African genes, and genes from Scandinavia – well, the Scandinavia of the day. Apparently, it’s thanks to this wonderful combination that led to the ‘mutation’ ‘that made blue eyes.

As far as experts can find, this is the oldest proof of this gene occurring – meaning that, as far as we know, Mr. Blue – as we’ll call him – was the very first person to ever have blue eyes. Wild, right?