Six Superhero Animals Who Saved Lives

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These six animals went far beyond their realm of responsibility, saving the lives of the people around them! From dry land to the ocean, these super hero animals came to the rescue just at the right time.

Dedicated Dolphins


Everyone knows dolphins are the friendliest fish out there, but they prove they are life-savers too! When surfer Todd Endri was trying to catch some waves, Endri himself got caught by a Great White Shark. He was wounded, but just as the shark was about to come back for seconds, a group of dolphins created a wall between the helpless surfer and the Great White, allowing him to swim back to shore!

Mandy the Goat

Mandy the goat

When 78-year-old Australian farmer Noel Osborne slipped on manure while tending to his farm animals, he found himself in quite a sticky situation. Unable to move with a broken hip, he was stuck for 5 days before anyone found him! Luckily Mandy the goat was there who curled up with him at night for body warmth, and gave him her milk to drink.

“Wonder Cat” Saves the Day

Wonder Cat

When a water pump malfunctioned, and caused carbon monoxide poisoning, the sleeping Keesling family was in trouble. If they had slept through the night in the poisoned house they would have all died. Thanks to their cat Winnie, that is not the case. Winnie rushed to Kathy Keesling’s bed, woke her up, and gave her just enough time to dial 911.

Man’s Ultimate Best Friend

Doberman Pinscher

Khan the Doberman Pinscher proved his worth to his new family just days after he arrived when he saved the life of their toddler. Khan was playing on the floor with little Charlotte when he picked her up by the diaper and moved her to the side. Her mother Catherine was appalled to see the dog seemingly act aggressively, but then she saw the King Brown snake which had just bitten Khan, and which would have bitten Charlotte if he hadn’t moved her. Luckily Khan was able to recover after being given anti-venom treatment.

Lions Save the Day


Although one would think lions are the ones harming people, here they were the saviors. An Ethiopian girl had been kidnapped from her village and was being held hostage and abused by four men. Three lions interfered, chasing the men away. Miraculously, police who arrived on the scene found the girl in total shock, yet she was unharmed by the big cats who had saved her life.

Mama Gorilla


When, in 1906, an overly curious 3-year-old climbed the fence of a gorilla enclosure, fell 18 feet to the surface below, and was rendered unconscious, onlookers thought it was the end. However, Binti the Gorilla who lived in the enclosure cradled the boy and carried him safely to the entrance of the enclosure where he handed him over to EMT’s. all this was done while Binti herself carried her baby on her back. Turns out the maternal nature extends to all species!