Sleeping on the Job? This Company Pays You to Do It

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Do you ever dream of finding a job where, broadly, the whole aim of the job is to sleep and rest? Then you might have found your ideal job. A company in India has become a viral sensation for posting a job advertisement that’s for those who want to get paid to sleep.

Being paid to sleep does sound like a dream, after all. You get to rest, relax, and then recuperate your body. And you get paid for it. The company, Bangalore mattress and bedding company Wakefit, said that it was looking for what they are calling “sleep interns”. 

They would expect people to sign up and participate in this challenging job for around Rs. 1 lakh. For reference, that is around $1400 in USD terms.

All that you need to do is get nine hours of kip every night and do this for 10 0nights. 

If you do that, you will be able to pick up your happy little paycheque for a job well done. However, you won’t be allowed to take your phone or your laptop to your bed, nor can you sit and binge watch Netflix, sit on social media, etc.

So, don’t think you could just sign up and sit on your bed for nine hours a day. 

You will actually need to be able to sleep!

In the comical ad for the job, they announced they wanted someone with skills including a “fanatical passion for sleep” and “unmatched zeal” for breaking sleeping records. Wakefit also asked that you wear your PJs to work – can you think of a job more suited to you!?

As you might imagine, the job received more than a few applicants over the next few months. Company co-founder and CEO, Ankit Garg, said that around 70,000 people had applied for the role. 

That’s a pretty decent amount of people to sign up for a job that, to most, would sound like an April 1st gag!

So long as you could give the company a snappy and comical answer as to why you should be allowed to participate, you could get a chance of becoming part of their new project. 

Some of the responses, too, were awesome, including many people asking if the job could somehow become a permanent part of their work life!

The company would be using a happy blend of sleep tracking and counseling to try and work out how well a Wakefit mattress done its job. 

So, you can feel safe that this isn’t just some zany scheme or wacky PR job; it was a genuine chance to work out how good their products are compared to the competition.

As a “sleep solutions company”, Wakefit has been working to make beds and sleeping more enjoyable since 2016. The company has become quite an innovative name within the industry, creating everything from bedroom to bedroom specific accessories. 

They are also, as far as we know, the first company in the world to pay you for sleeping on the job!