Slippery Stairs - You Won't Stop Laughing

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The Japanese are at it again. When thinking about crazy TV shows, but really crazy, Japan comes to mind. Hey work so hard each day, so they need some type of relaxation at the end of the day, and what better relaxing is there than laughing your lungs out?
So the Japanese have developed different types of TV shows where people, voluntarily, try to complete unimaginable tasks, just for laughs.

Like this newest idea - Slippery Stairs. For some reason, this show has become a viral hit around the world and no one knows why. Really, no one knows why. There is nothing smart, hard, intelligent or challenging about it. It’s simply people in slippery suits trying to climb slippery stairs. That’s it.
We kid you not.

Other insane Japanese game shows had people slide on each other while they are all naked, and the winner is the one who reached the farthest. Another game show included humiliation of college students trying to perform stunts and many other weird ideas.

Slippery Stairs is another insane idea turned-game show, which passed by management under the radar. Whatever comes to mind – goes to production. It’s the true way of life for the Japanese.

British TV star Stephen Fry Tweeted “Finally a game show that really is a perfect metaphor for real life.” GQ magazine wrote, “The Game Show ‘Slippery Stairs’ Is Humanity's Greatest Creation”. Even frowned-face Time magazine wrote, “This 'Slippery Stairs' Japanese Game Show Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, and It's Perfect.”

And it goes on. ‘Slippery Stairs’ has already started to gain replicas and lookalike shows around the world, but the original Japanese show is always the best.

Take a look.