Smart Man Creates 3D-Printed Braces for Under $100!

When we need to go to the dentist, one of the things that we tend to absolutely hate is the idea of getting any work done. Braces are anathema to most people, but if your teeth are out of shape then you might just need braces. However, the cost of braces, the treatment and the fitting can be way out of the reach of some people.

Without a dental plan or anything like that, you are hoping for goodwill to help make the payments and fix your teeth up. However, for Amos Dudley, the situation was a bit different. An undergrad at New Jersey Institute of Technology, he was informed that he would need to resume his middle school years of wearing braces to get his teeth straightened up.

Amos Gets Creative

He didn’t do as he was asked as he simply hated wearing the retainer, and he was paying the price for it as he got older and his teeth started to become unaligned and crooked. However, while he was OK with getting braces, the cost was beyond him – what he did, have, though, was a bit of creativity and a 3D printer after studying digital design.

So, he decided to make a pair of plastic braces for himself rather than have to pay the big bucks and have the made for him. While it took a lot of time to work out the entire orthodontic procedure needed to get your teeth stylish and straight, he took it step-by-step. He made several teeth moulds of his teeth, labelling them as they got continually straighter.

Using alginate powder, he made a mold of his teeth without much issue and then used Permastone to help make it solidify. Then, he cut it down to help create a smooth, authentic surface and laser scanned, creating a 3D copy of what he needed.

Then, he used a tool that meant he could vacu-form around the plastic on each mold and be left with a solution to keep his teeth in fine form. Once this was done, he made sure that it would sit perfectly on his gums – and voila!

While the procedure isn’t one we would expect anyone other than someone with his technical smarts to take on, we recommend that anyone who cannot afford dental treatment but has to carry it out do a bit of DIY reading into the subject.

If you have the ability, you might be able to get lovely, straight teeth just like our friend here without breaking the bank!