Snake Goes for Washing Machine Tumble, Survives

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How often do you find yourself rattling through the washing machine, trying to find where you placed something of importance?

How often do you pull out a smartphone, wallet, keys, etc. from the washing machine? We’ve all been there. One thing you might not have put into the washing machine, though, is your pet snake. That’s right: Illinois resident Sanela Kamencic managed to put a corn snake through her washing cycle!

When she opened up her washing machine and seen a wee corn snake staring back at her, she naturally found it quite discomforting. As you would expect. Speaking to NBC 5, she said: “I was totally creeped out,

“How did a snake get in the house let alone the washer?”

She immediately phoned the local Evanston Police, who came around to handle it. They moved the snake on to the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, where it was checked out. According to one of the people on the scene, Animal Warden Jason Pound, the snake “smelled like Downy”!

As you might imagine, the story gave quite a few good laughs for everyone involved. Despite being through a wash of this capacity, too, the snake seems to be in good spirits – though, as you might imagine, she is not in the happiest of moods.

Penelope, the gorgeously smelling snake

The snake, named Penelope, was a pet who belonged to a nearby girl. It was the girl next door in fact, who had managed to let the snake get out of the bedroom. It snuck out of the house and then through a townhouse wall and into the laundry room. Apparently, the Penelope had been missing for the best part of three days!

When she was found, they managed to take it back to the previous owner and reunite Penelope with her family. Apparently, she’s in fine health, in good mental condition and, more importantly, she smells fantastic!

All is well that ends well in a story like this, and we’re sure that all are involved to have their washing machine snake-free, and their snake smelling like a bed of ross.