Snapchat Challenging Netflix

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Snapchat is taking on its rival services with a new feature which allows users to watch “Creator Shows' original content. In case you don't know about Original Shows, they are with celebrities and influencers like Arnold Schwarzenegger creating videos for Snapchat.

These videos are constructed and displayed inside the app as short, vertical original shows.   Arnold Schwarzenegger has a show called “ Rules of Success” with Arnold Schwarzenegger” which is made up of motivational words from the actor.

There is a new advancement making these shows available in a Nexflix-style.  At this time, the shows are integrated into the “Discover” section of the app, but according to Mashable, users will be able to swipe from the Discover page to access a dedicated “Shows” section on the app.

Cleaner and Shorter

Also, it seems cleaner than other parts of Snapchat making it much more comfortable for users streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. The layout is in a grid form which has shows you have recently watched and those you have subscribed to.

A spokesperson for Snapchat said the company is presently testing the feature but has not said when it will become fully available. Snapshot is currently pushing ahead with original content.

The new shows are targeting the majority under 34 Snapchat user base including a scripted drama called “Two Sides”. This show is about a teenage couple breaking up and then showing both sides of the argument at the same time.

New programs, documentaries, and comedies are also featured and the company who owns Snapchat said the time being spent watching these shows has literally tripled over the past year.