Social Media Actually Saves a Girl

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Ashley Rosenbaum & J.P. Say A Commenter On Social Media Diagnosed Daughter's Torticollis

Ashley is the mom of a son Fordham, age 4, and a daughter Essex, age 2. Although everyone has an opinion when it comes to online comments but for some reason, the Bachelorette star Ashley Rosenbaum paid close attention to one commenter on social media.

The commenter said that her daughter, Essex should be taken to her doctor.  It seems the commenter's diagnosis was actually very accurate.


J.P. said this all started when Ashley posted pictures of Essex on social media.  He said someone sent him a message saying that we should get Essex checked out by our doctor because she always looked twisted, leaving the commenter to believe she has torticollis.

The commenter said that getting her checked out was important because their son had the same thing. Torticollis is an issue that involves the muscles of the neck to tilt downward.  Tortus means twisted in Latin and collum means neck.  It is suggested if your baby has suffered from this condition from birth, it's medically called congenital muscular torticollis.

Wry Neck is another term for this condition which is pointed out by a disproportional, lopsided position of the head or neck.  This condition is caused by a number of reasons.