Some Great Suggestions to Help your Relationship Last!


Life has become so busy and traveling forward at a very fast pace. Sometimes, we lose track of communicating with each other but we are going to offer some great suggestions to ensure you and your mate stay on the same page and grow together not separately.


We all know that couples in relationships act and feel differently from others so it can be challenging to figure out if a couple will last for a lifetime or slowly slip away. We have come up with a list of suggestions to help you make your relationship last while others fall apart.

Because relationships can be very different and challenging, there are certain factors that relationships have in common:

  • Relationships that couples place their partner above everything else. 

These relationships usually will go on and last till the end of time.

  • Too much drama! 

If one of you lives in drama, chances are your relationship will not last. There are way too many issues going on when you are trying to find that special passion and enthusiasm.

  • Too many conflicting issues. 

Couples who are continually living in conflict will usually not work out. Everyone does experience a certain amount of conflict in their relationships but some couples just can’t seem to stay away from these issues and act as if it’s the most important part of their lives. Try and chill out!

  • Deeply Into Commitment & Social Involvement. 

Couples who have these mindsets usually will stay together because they have many strong bonds outside of the relationship. In many cases, these couples feel a strong sense of security and commitment within their relationships.

Here are some good suggestions for a life-long relationship:

Always Remain Open & Honest 

Really good communication involves being open and honest with each other. 


It’s the backbone of a great relationship. It’s not about just talking each other’s ears off, it’s about exchanging ideas, your doubts, and your feelings. 

Expressing how you feel and giving your partner the opportunity to participate is a great way for both of you to talk and express your inner-most feelings.

When you give each other the opportunity to share how they feel will make both parties feel important and trusted. You will get to understand each other in a better light and overcome any issues. 

This is also the perfect time to show each other your different points of view, especially when it comes to making decisions. 

Respect is Key For a Life-Long Relationship

Couples who respect each other, care about each other, value each other, and would not do anything to hurt each other have solid relationships.


If you have a disagreement, respect will prevent you from making hurtful remarks and it’s so much easier to see each other’s side of the argument and then decide what works best for both of you.

Makeup as Quickly as Possible

There are many experts that will tell you never go to sleep angry with each other and there’s a lot said in that.


If you hold on to anger it festers and is not good for your physical or mental health.

It’s really important to know when it’s time to ask for forgiveness and just move on to a better place. When you have a disagreement, don’t wait to make up. You should both make it a standard rule that if you have a fight, you both need to get over it and forgive each other. 

Again, if you go to sleep angry, it will only drag out the ongoing grudge.

Find Valuable Time to Spend Together

Even though we all need some time for ourselves, but spending quality time together will help your relationship last longer.


You will have the opportunity to go out and have fun, enjoy each other’s company, have some good laughs, and get to know even more about each other. Not spending any time together will leave you both bored and feel like you are in a lack-luster relationship.

Commitment & Support


Commitment and support are really important to see problems as simple obstacles that you will both work out. In no means does it lead to the end of your relationship.

Love & Affection Speak Volumes

Telling your mate that you love them and showing them you love them is critical for a life-long relationship. In a nutshell, never stop telling your partner “I Love You!”


Your Checklist

There is nothing cast in stone that will make for a great relationship and what won’t. 


Most things depend on the kind of relationship you are in. That said, many of these suggestions will help your relationship to grow and become so much stronger:

  • Talk, don’t shout at each other.

  • Take turns winning the argument.

  • If you have to criticize, do it with love and affection.

  • Stay away from past mistakes.

  • At least once a day, show love for each other.

  • Admit when you are wrong.

Don't forget! Respecting each other and letting each other know how much you love them are two good starting points. Good Love.