Soon: Private Replies In WhatsApp Group Chats

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As one of the most commonly used phone apps on the planet, WhatsApp is the go-to choice for mobile communication. It’s used by a good portion over a billion people, and is used for everything from group chats among friends to after-hours business brain storming. However, one feature that has often been missing from the imperious chat messenger has been the ability to send private replies. That might be about to change, though.

The company is about to set out a new and improved way to privately message someone who is party to a group chat – but privately. This is great for all those of those people who want to, uh, pass remarks on their friends less than stellar jokes in the main group chat. Now, instead of doing it half-drunk and accidentally sending that cutting bit of sarcasm to the main chat when you intended it for the ‘other’ chat, you can use private messages instead.

This is going to be useful, as people find it annoying when they want to send a simple private message but need to change chats. This is going to make sure that certain messages can be posted in the group chat, but only read privately by certain memes who you choose.

While some might wonder ‘why not just talk in a separate chat?’ it can sometimes be easier to privately respond in context. For example, if you go to a second chat and leave your remark, if they read it later without knowing its referring to the larger chat, it can create confusion. This makes it easier for you to let the other person know what you mean within the actual context of the group chat.

Private messaging in group chat: when’s it coming?

Users can expect this to arrive for Android phones as part of the new Android 2.18.335 update. Apple users, though, will need to wait a while: it’s not yet available for iOS yet. However, warnings are being put out about the latest beta and a heed not to use it just yet.

The reason why is that if you delete media within the chat at the moment on the new beta, it can crash the app. Anyway, if this sounds like something that you might want to check out, it’s well worth keeping an eye on.

For those who like to b*tch, you can continue onward without worrying about posting it in the wrong chat to the wrong person!

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