Sore Back From Sitting? Try This Simple Solution

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Are you like me, sitting in a chair most of the day? It’s quite sore, isn’t it?

For someone who is comfortably over the average height, too, living a quite sedentary life means having consistent back pain. It’s an irritant most of the time, but it can be a properly debilitating experience when it’s at its worst.

So, I have suffered from back pain since my late teenage years, and it has never gotten any better: well, until now. Now? I might have just found the perfect solution to a sore back that won’t go away.

If you are like me and you manage to spend most of the say slouched forward or leaning back in equal measures, you’ll have all manner of pains and aches in the body. Well, I want to help you understand that it does not have to be this way. In fact, all it takes is a very simple change to how you sit!

What can I do to help my back problems from sitting?

So, for me, the best thing I can recommend is simply sitting a bit straighter. I know, it’s not the most revolutionary idea in the world, but a change in how you sit is essential to reducing back strains. Often, we sit in a manner that means our neck, spine, and back – as well as our hips – are out of sync with one another. This leads to the strains and complications that we often end up facing for most of the afternoon.

So, the best way to sit is to avoid slouching forward or leaning too far back. Hunching over means putting excess pressure on the muscles that you are supposed to be keeping stable and supported. This forces needless pressure on the discs in the back, leading to the pain that you feel.

The best way to solve that, though, is to simply roll up a thick jumper, or even a pair of jumpers. Once you have it around 6” in thickness when rolled up, and now sit yourself as straight as you can. Basically, get the seating potion that you know you should take, but often find it hard to maintain.

Now, take your rolled-up object and shove it down between the back of your chair and down to where your belt would normally sit. This makes it easier for you to have no space to slouch into; it will force you to retain the position that you just took. As such, your back will remain much straighter.

The closer to where your spine meets the pelvis that you can get the jumper, the better. This will leave you to get the help that you need to avoid excess extensions on the back and should play a role in helping you to avoid the curve in your back becoming a source of needless, excess support.

This simple but effective tip – the simple rolling-up of a jumper – can be all that you need to turn poor posture into a perfect posture in a short space of time.