South Park Lovers Will Love These Fun Facts

We all know that “South Park” and its producers are brilliant and incorporate satire into the episodes, making them more genius than ever. We found some very interesting facts about the show that will make you appreciate the subtle brilliance even more. Read along and enjoy! 


  1. In the episode “Fishsticks” starring Kanye West, there is a deleted ending where Kanye’s lifeless body is recovered by the Coast Guard after he drowns.
  1. September 11th is Butters’s date of birth.

  1. Comedy Central has been put “on the map” and TV executive Doug Herzog credits “South Park” for doing that.
  1. Glenn Hughes of the Village People and Mr. Slave have an uncanny resemblance.
  1. The Church of Scientology hired some private investigators after “Trapped in the Closet”. They wanted to dig up dirt on Matt Stone and Tray Parker (the creators of the show), and even tried to blackmail them. As it turns out, they couldn’t find anything on them.
  1. To make one episode, today the crew needs somewhere from three to six days. For the first episode, the pilot took almost three months to create.
  1. Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of the Chairman of Scientology and author of “Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape” left the Church right after she learned about Xenu, the alien dictator and how he brought millions of ancient humans to earth from “South Park”.
  1. In episode “200”, Buddha is snorting cocaine. Because of that, “South Park” is banned in Sri Lanka.
  1. Matt’s and Trey’s birthdays are May 26th and October 19th, respectively. That is the same as Kyle and Stan.
  1. Theodore is Cartman’s middle name.
  1. When you combine the first letter of Kyle’s name with “Ike”, his adopted little brother’s full name, you get a very offensive slur. Matt Stone gives voice to both of them, and he is Jewish.
  1. A mutated gene called kep1 causes adult fruit flies to die within two days after bacterial infection. It is alleged that Dr. Sophie Rutschmann of the University of Strasbourg named this gene after Kenny McCormick.
  1. Comedy Central and Frito-Lay sold 1.5 million of Cheesy Poofs at Walmart back in 2011.
  1. Trey’s high school classmate Matt Karpman was the inspiration for Cartman’s character. They are still friends.
  1. Trey’s childhood also brought the inspiration for the character of Mr. Hankey. His father warned him that Mr. Hankey would come out of the toilet and eat him alive if he didn’t flush the toilet.
  1. In episode “The Succubus”, there is a picture of a white token in the background of Mr. Garrison’s classroom; he as a ‘T’ on his shirt.
  1. Randy Marsh has had a lot of jobs: geologist, mall security, Sarcastaball coach, chef, Blockbuster owner, Lorde, boy-band singer, Broadway playwriter, and last but not the least a cock magician.
  1. Tray and Matt wrote “Scott Tenorman Must Die” so that they could introduce the real Eric Cartman, “the most evil kid in the world” and as the series went on, Cartman was becoming more evil every episode.
  1. “South Park” employees usually spend around 100 to 120 hours per week in the six days it takes to make one episode.
  1. Cartman has been arrested just six times, list of his felonies include: war crimes, child abuse, vandalism, murder, rape, arson, animal abuse, hate crimes, grave robbery, prostitution, enforced cannibalism, attempted genocide, manslaughter, theft, piracy, and embezzlement, smuggling, armed robbery, shoplifting, terrorism and many more.