Spend Your Valentines In The Most Romantic Cities

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Valentine's day is upon us! You may think that you have the perfect Valentine's day celebration planned out for your partner, but you might want to reconsider your location. An exclusive list of the most romantic destinations in the world was just released by Spa Seekers, and you may be surprised to find what the top city on this list is.

In order to construct this list, Spa Seekers examined 66 famous cities around the world, rating these cities on how romantic they are. The index score on this site is a combination of five factors including the city in which you are most likely to be proposed to based on hashtags like #isaidyes #heproposed and #engage.

The site also studied the marriage rates in each of these cities, the rate of sexual activity in each city based on a study done on 450,000 adults, the scene of LGBT dating based on a global study done by Nestpick, and how many people feel romantic in these cities, based on social media updates.

Based on these metrics, Spa Seekers concluded that New York City trumps all when it comes to romance.

Highest Number Of Marriage Proposals

According to the site, New York comes out as the world's most romantic city with an index score of 46.4 of 50. According to Instagram data, the Big Apple has seen the highest number of marriage proposals over the past six months, and it was rated 5 out of 5 as the world's best city for LGBT dating.

Amazing Cityscape Views

New York also has the 4th highest marriage rate in the world and is the 9th most sexually active city. There are several picturesque locations to go on dates like Central Park, for instance, or the Empire State Building, from where you can catch the amazing cityscape views.

Thanks to the 1,813 Instagram posts tagging it as a location, and the numerous marriage proposals over the last six months, London comes in as a close second. It is also the 4th most sexually active city in the world.

The rest of the list includes some more predictable locations like Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin, Miami, Melbourne, and Sydney. Once you've chosen your location, you could always raise the stakes by booking one of the world's most romantic hotels, and crossing your fingers that your partner accepts your proposal!