Spider Boy Steals the Show

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As I sat in the movie cinema, giant popcorn and coke zero in hand, I was ready to be disappointed. “Spiderman Homecoming” was definitely not my first choice, but never one equipped to fight peer pressure, there I was. It’s not only that I am not the biggest fan of super-hero movies, but I’m also not one who is crazy for change, especially since Tobey Maguire did such a good job all those years ago at really personifying the angst of Spidey boy. And while Andrew Garfield did okay in bringing a different light to what it means to be half man/half spider, I just wasn’t sure my solidarity with the original cast members could allow me to enjoy yet another re-make.

But was I wrong.

While the plot did have certain unique aspects, like focusing being Spiderman than becoming Spiderman, it was surprisingly the young, spunky, and utterly adorable Tom Holland acting as Peter Parker who stole the show. This teenage Spidey brought with him a whole new aura when he donned the red and blue suit and webbed himself around town, flaunting his abilities thanks to a bite from the infamous radioactive spider. Unlike the typical broody, nervous and over-emotional Peter Parker embodied by past actors, this Peter is your typical goofy, award and quirky teen who genuinely considers things like exposing himself as Spiderman only to gain a smile from his school crush.

It is this very realistic teenage attitude of Tom Holland’s version of Spiderman and Peter Parker that makes him so endearing. I was ready to start criticizing how newbie Hollander was nowhere near the Tobey Spiderman I came to love, but instead, I was charmed exactly by the fact that he portrayed such a different version of the character, and both myself and my girlfriends stepped out the cinema with one thing on our lips “cutest Spiderman of all time!”And it is not only the character of Spiderman people are falling in love with, but adorable star Tom Holland is getting hearts far and wide caught in his web with his boyish charm and enchanting British ascent clear from the many tweets from across the glove expressing their delight of the new Spiderman in town. From expressing relief that their new crush was of legal age, to stating “TOM HOLLAND IS THE PUREST THINK IN THIS WORLD which is saying something because my dog exists”

One of the reasons of the breakout performance could be that while other actors previously cast as Spiderman where significantly older than the teenage character which they portrayed (Tobey Maguire at aged 27 and Garfield aged 28) Holland was cast to play Spiderman at merely 19! Being so much closer to the age and stage you are meant to perform could be one of the key factors which made this rendition of schoolboy Spiderman that much more authentic. Flopping around in his oversized hoodies, feeling like a superhero god when he helps an old lady cross the street, and worrying more than anything about proving his worth, this Parker believably tries (and usually fails) to balance passing Spanish class and saving the world.