Starbucks Interior Design By Kengo Kuma

If you’ve seen one Starbucks coffee shop, you’ve seen in them all. Because all looks the same. I used to think that, before I saw this one in Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan, designed by famous architect Kengo Kuma.
‘’The project aimed to make a structure that harmonizes with such townscape, using a unique system of weaving thin woods diagonally. The building is made of 2,000 stick-like parts in the sizes of 1.3m – 4m length and 6cm section. Total length of the sticks reached as far as 4.4km. We had experimented the weaving of sticks for the project of Chidori and GC Prostho Museum Research Center, and this time we tried the diagonal weaving in order to bring in a sense of direction and fluidity. Three sticks are joined at one point in Chidori and GC, while in Starbucks four steps come to one point because of the diagonal – a more complicated joint.’’ – Kengo Kuma.
About Kengo Kuma:
Kengo Kuma was born in 1954. He completed his master’s degree at the University of Tokyo in 1979. From 1985 to 1986, he studied at Columbia University as Visiting Scholar. He taught at Keio University from 2001 to 2008, and was installed as Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture, University of Tokyo in 2009. Among Kuma’s major works are Stage in Forest(1997,received Architectural Institute of Japan Annual Award,Water/Glass (1995, received AIA Benedictus Award), Bato-machi Hiroshige Museum (received the International Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award in 2002 Finland). A number of projects are going on in Japan and abroad, including Victoria & Albert Museum building in Dundee, (Scotland U.K) is in progress.
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