Start Spinning in Clubs

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So, you are a DJ. Maybe a really good one and you don’t know that yet. But you’ve only been practicing in your bedroom, you’ve recorded a few mixes and you feel good behind the deck. I think it’s time to get out there! We have a few tips on how to get you started, check it out.

If you want to get a gig in a club, you will have to be very good at promoting yourself. Think of some unique and recognizable DJ name and spread the word. Here are some tips: Get your music out there. Upload your music to the Internet and spread the word on social networks (Facebook, Tweeter, Myspace, etc). SoundCloud ( is a great place to upload your mixes. Burn some mix CDs and give them to your friends, but just if they ask you to. You don’t want to look desperate throwing CDs in people’s face, so just be patient and wait for them to ask you. Use every opportunity you get when it comes to spinning on a dance-floor. Spinning for two hours at a house party may teach you more than you think. Yeah, always bring some CDs with you, just to be safe. You can also launch a website. Maybe a Facebook page would be better for the start. Start posting about any cool records you come across, or the parties you played at, just to keep your fans closer. It’s a great idea to start your own radio show, weekly, monthly, however you want. It’s going to take a time to get that promotion done, but be patient!

When you’re done with promoting, it’s time to get to know the right people. It’s important that people know who you are, so make some friends in the industry. It doesn’t matter if it’s bartender, a guy at the club, a DJ or club managers. Just be careful when you are making friend with a DJ because DJs are tired of newbies trying to make buddies with them just to get to the decks. So, stay away from talking about you DJing and stuff, just be interested in that person, their hobbies, what movies they like to watch, and what’s their cat’s name… you get it. Become real friends with them. Sooner or later music will come to a subject of speech naturally, and then you can mention that you’re a DJ too. Ask if they need someone to warm-up the crowd.

When you get to know your contacts, you will need to be different. And this is essential. You should take this very serious. You will need a unique selling proposition. Today, everybody’s calling themselves DJs, and tens of them spin music similar to yours. Technical skills of the majority are pretty much the same level, too. So, you need to find what you have and others don’t. Maybe you can play on four decks at once, or maybe you can bring Connor McGregor with you. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Find or invent your “thing” everyone is going to talk about. You will have an identity and you will be special.

Be productive and take action. Good luck!