Statistics: UK Summer 2018 Holidays Locations

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Every summer, the people of the UK decide to get up and get out. The UK might turn into a stunning place in the summer, but few things beat a trip to many parts of Europe, the Caribbean or the Americas. For that reason, we wanted to take a look at some of the most popular tourist destinations this year for the major UK city dwellers.

Where are the people of each major city flying off to this summer? What seems to be the hit experience? With so many of us now booking up last minute holidays, where can you expect to see everyone going?

Sri Lanka | @natonialgeographic

According to online travel agency Loveholidays, they found that some of the major spots for those in London, for example, included Jamaica, Cyprus, Morocco, and Turkey. Paris, of course, is still high on the list. Jamaica, Cyprus, Morocco, and Turkey, though, appear to be some of the most popular take-off destinations for those living in the capital at this moment in time.

Other popular destinations were noted by their North/South divide. For example, people from the North are more likely to head to places which are nearby, familiar and tried-and-tested: the Balearic Islands, for example. Southerners, though, are more likely to go for more ambitious places like Sri Lanka or St Lucia. It’s quite interesting to see the divide.

The Balearic Islands, known traveling site of northern Londoners

What is interesting is that those in London are far less likely to hit up two major European last-minute hot spots: Croatia and Bulgaria. Among the most beautiful parts of Europe, they are a surprising exclusion from regular tourist stop-off point for those from the South. It’s also the same with the Dominican Republic: far more likely for a Northern traveler than a Southern once.

The main exception to this is Essex, where people love to fly to places like Croatia, Malta, and Mexico. Southern flyers are less likely to go and visit places like Portugal and Cuba, too. There’s certainly a bit of a hidden indicator here, and I can’t quickly put my finger on it…

Plitvice Lake in Croatia

What about the Midlands?

The good people of the Midlands are kind of stuck in a limbo: thrown in with the answers from both sides of the country. For those who come from places like Birmingham, for example, popular tourist stop-off points included Cuba and the Caribbean. Trips to Egypt, too, are very popular. Cyprus and Bulgaria are quite prominent from a European standpoint.

Eygept | @natonialgeographic

The Greek Isles are popular with people from the Midlands as well as people from cities such as Liverpool. There’s a lot of diversity out there on the topic, and a lot of interesting discoveries. From Newcastle and Sunderland preferring Majorca and Bulgaria to the Scots looking to make a run for places like the Canary Islands, Portugal and Spain, it’s interesting to see the divide in climate, culture and cost depending on what part of the nation is being looked at for a holiday.

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