She Stopped Him From Taking His Life, And Now She’s His Wife

When Kevin Walsh received the phone call that stopped him from taking his own life ten years ago, he never expected that the person who was on the other line would one day end up his wife.

Credit: Courtesy Blake Walsh, @blakeyk

Walsh went through a very difficult depression when he was in his teens, at only 17 years old he had decided that he had enough. His girlfriend had broken his heart, his dog died the day of his prom, these external circumstances coupled with depression which caused him to feel isolated from those around him, led him to the only conclusion he thought would help, committing suicide.

The Phone Call That Saved His Life

“I was probably somewhere between 5 to 10 seconds away from taking my own life,” Kevin tells Inside Edition, he had no idea who was on the other line, since the number was private.

He went on to say that he paused in his plans to find out who was on the other end of the line at that pivotal time, “I thought, if there’s a semblance of eternity, I cannot spend it wondering who was on the other end of that phone call, When I picked up and heard the voice, I knew it was her.”

And who was she?

A friend Blake whom Kevin had met during Bible camp a couple of months before. They had started their casual friendship when Blake made a cheeky comment about Kevin’s gothic fashion choice stating, “Black is a good color on you”. Although they were friends, Blake had never called Kevin before. What made her pick up that phone on that specific day during that specific time is a pure miracle.

Credit: Courtesy Kevin Walsh, @kevjamwal0

After a pretty normal conversation, Kevin confessed to Blake what he was about to go through. She spoke him out of it in the spot, and with her support, he managed to get through those suicidal thoughts.

Blake, regarding that conversation, told People Magazine her view, “Knowing his personality, he’s very analytical, and I knew if he had ended up at that point, he had taken all the steps to get there and he wasn’t doing it for attention,” she continued stating This was something he was going to do, and I’m very grateful that I picked up because if I hadn’t, he wouldn’t be here now.”

Their Bond Grew Stronger

The two remained friends for years after, their relationship growing day by day until finally, last year, Kevin confessed his love and proposed soon after with a black diamond- one that reminds both of the comment Blake made to him the very first day they met.

Credit: Chantal Pasag

The couple encourages others who are going through a similar thing as Kevin was, to speak out and express their pain. Talk to someone,” Blake says. “Saying things out loud gives it life, it lets “you evaluate things in a different way than texting or writing. It applies a different layer of emotion

The two wed in September 2016 and have both come so far together, supporting each other through everything.