The Story of the Spikeless Hedgehog

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After years of playing Sonic the Hedgehog, I’d always prepared myself for the reality that hedgehogs don’t all wear red trainers and collect gold power rings, or fight world conquerors. What I do know, though, is that they are spiky little fellas. One hedgehog, though, breaks that trend quite relentlessly – he’s more or less a big bald hedgehog!

No Spikes, No Fuss

Little Nelson is the first spikeless hedgehog that I have ever seen. Nobody actually knows why he has no spikes, though; there is no real reasoning for it takin place. He was found by the Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue team in England. Despite lacking his usual look, though, this awesome little guy has plenty to love.

Treated with extra love and care at the sanctuary, he lives a happy and healthy life despite the problems. According to one member of the group, he must have had spikes at once to survive this long – but nobody knows when, or how, he lost them later. Receiving regular oil massages and other treatments to make sure he gets the care his body needs, this helps him to stay as healthy and as happy as any other hedgehog out there.

Special Treatment

He gets his food brought to him every day, as he can’t go out and forage without his natural protection. This means that he gets to have his food brought straight to him, meaning he gets to live a life of relative luxury compared to all his companions!

While at first I felt quite horrible looking at him wondering what must have happened to him, he seems to be quite happy. The Rescue do a fine job of looking after him, from the look of it, and he can be relatively comfortable just lying around and having a good time all day. If you have any inclination to help out, be sure to check out the FLWR website and see how you can help them out, or even help out little Nelson himself.