Stranded Bride & Bridesmaid Rescued by Firefighters

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This is what happened.  In March, there was an accident that involved two vehicles which ended up blocking two lanes of traffic.  Firefighters from Station 69 noticed a woman in a long wedding dress and her bridesmaid trying to walk through traffic.


They were holding up their gowns to prevent them from becoming soiled.  Even though there were no reports of rain, the area was very muddy.

The bride told firefighters she was getting married but she was late because her limo was stuck in traffic and she needed to get to her wedding.  A representative for the LA County Firefighters told Yahoo Lifestyle, as soon as they had cleared the way, they put the two women in the fire truck and drove them to the wedding.

With the bride and bridesmaid safely inside the fire truck, they headed northbound on Topanga Blvd and turned into the wedding event with lights flashing which made her arrival not only unique but really special.

They looked like they were being escorted to the wedding and as soon as they stepped out of the truck, a photo was taken.

Happy Epilogue

A few weeks later, back at the station, the representative noticed a photo of the bride with her four wonderful rescuers hanging on the wall.  He posted it on his Instagram page  The photo had been signed by the bride and sent to the fire station just a few weeks after the wedding.


The photo read: “Thanks for saving our wedding, The Gormans”.  The firefighter who snapped the photo said they still have no idea what the bride's first name is!

Highlights of the many diverse duties the firefighters do are the main reason for their Instagram account.  It shows the crew doing everything from battling fires to visiting with local school children.  The representative added that's sort of the point of this Instagram page.

The representative who runs the page requested his name not be used.  He said there are so many cool things we do that never seem to make it out there.  Bravo to Fire Station 69!