Stranded for 28 Days, EMT Keeps Hope Alive for Missing Dog

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Have you ever found yourself majorly lost or stranded? Even just for an hour or two? Then you’ll know how utterly terrifying a sensation this is.

It’s something that we would not wish on our worst enemy. The total lack of knowledge of where you are can be utterly mind-numbing. However, for some of us, being stranded is so challenging due to the isolation from those that we love.

Take the story of one man who adopted a ‘therapy dog’ which pulled him out of a deep, lasting depression. On a camping trip, though, an incident took place that separated man from his best friend – 28 days later, the dog was still missing.

Justin Scott had a pretty impressive job, working as an EMT. Through that job, he became used to stepping up to the plate and save others. Such a job, though, takes an obvious toll on our well-being and our happiness. Sadly, Justin lost a very close friend when he was called in to try to save him.

Unable to snap out of the depression, he was introduced to a new friend: Shelby. He was brought in to help Justin try and find a bit of emotional peace.

Camping Trip Fright

On a camping trip together, everything was going good: lots of fun to be had. However, just as can happen when going on a camping trip, something went wrong that separated the inseparable duo.

Alongside his wife and his two children on a trip to the Sierra Mountains, a noise from the forest spooked poor Shelby. Freaked out, she made for the forest and vanished. As the hours turned into days, things looked bleak: but not for Justin.

Justin, after all, is an expert in surviving and getting through tough and challenging moments in life. He wasn’t about to give up on someone so important to him. Reaching out to A Way Home For Animals, a non-profit that helps with finding lost dogs, they began to work together to try and find poor Shelby.

Posters, interviews with locals and looking around the woods led to little information. However, they did find something interesting: camera footage that showed Shelby at camp!

By setting up a series of humane traps to capture Shelby safely, Shelby soon walked into one of the cages set up by AWHFA expert Babs Fry. 28 days later, the dog was finally home, reunited with her family and her beloved Justin. The shots of Justin emotionally hugging away with his dog, with his family visibly emotional alongside him, is one that will live us for a long time.

An expert in saving others, now our brave EMT can enjoy being saved by someone else for a change. Welcome back home, Shelby!