Streaming Wars: Empires Strike Each Other!

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The wars continue to rage between these giant companies, first, it was content, then pricing, and now exclusion seems to be the latest line of attack in the video streaming wars. Disney told The Wall Street Journal they would shortly have their own “Netflix Killer”.

They will no longer run Netflix commercials on their major television networks, including ABC. According to another report from The Wall Street Journal, Disney also refuses to allow streaming rival Amazon to sell significant ad space on its multiple Disney apps.

It seems Amazon is firing back by threatening to remove Disney's television apps from their Fire TV devices. Fire is an extremely powerful distributor of streaming TV apps.

The Forbidden Garden

If you think that's it – you'd be wrong! Just lately, Apple has announced the will be launching their own subscription streaming service to compete with its mega rivals. They are systematically removing Amazon Prime Video apps from both of their App Stores.

It seems the world of television has become incredibly antagonistic and very complicated for the consumer. Hiding original content is now the name of the game. It's becoming even more difficult for consumers to know where or how to find their favorite television shows.

On top of that, NBC Universal also has its own upcoming subscription streaming service. They are seriously trying to knock down the reigning streaming services and take it back. The question is, what are consumers supposed to do to get rid of these pricey cable bundles and NBC Universal is stepping forward with their own breed of horse.

Now, consumers can build their own bundles that fit them. That said, these virtual bundles ad up really quickly and are reaching the same pricey charges consumers have been trying to run from. It's $12.99 for Netflix's most popular package, $14.99 for HBO's, $6.99 for Disney's soon to be released streamer, and $4.99 for Apple's.

On top of these prices, the consumer can expect to pay an additional $45 a month for watching live television!

All these mega streaming companies are far from being apologetic because so much is now at stake. Unfortunately, for traditional media and entertainment companies like Disney and NBC Universal, they are faced with the fact that their core television models for ads and cable subscriptions are dying.

This is forcing them to do the same thing v in this very scary new streaming world. They are willing to sacrifice massive dollars for ads from streaming competitors, like Netflix, on their television networks in order to increase their streaming chances. In other words, they are now willing to bite the hand that feeds them.

For newer media companies like Apple and Amazon, streaming services are a critical marketing tool to drive their core business models but they are not leading in content. For Apple, that means driving content to their high margin iPhones and Macs.

For Amazon content drives up sales from consumers shopping non-stop or consumers finding a better streaming competitor that offers better products and goods.

Over the past month, the frenzy of streaming wars is nowhere near slowing down and both Apple and Disney plan on taking the winning slots. This means, the media and entertainment industry along with consumer television choices and decision is only becoming more confusing and will continue to for many months ahead.

Where these streaming wars end is anyone's guess. Unfortunately, it seems only the consumer is in the cross-fire while these streaming giants fight for first place. As a consumer, you should keep your eyes wide open and your ear to the ground. Somewhere in this mess, hopefully, they will be something in it for the consumer.