Student Finds World Class Car in Grandmothers Garage

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When living the life of a student, you need to find money – and fast. Money is hard to come by in the hours after studying, but you’ve gotta pay for the weekend somehow, right? That’s why cleaning out at your grandparents is always a decent way to get money for a few beers. However, it’s not often that when you go along to help out with your grandmother that you find something of genuine value during cleaning.

From an old vinyl to some wartime memorabilia, you might something cool. At best, you might help make a few bucks for your grandparents – and they might help you in on the reward. However, how often do you walk into the garage of a grandmother and find an untouched Lamborghini!?

That’s what happened to Eriegin, who took on the task of cleaning out her grandmother’ garage. Her grandfather had sadly passed on, and cleaning out a garage with the best part of 20 years of clutter was going to be a challenging starting point. However, she did have an inkling that they might find some good value to put light on what is obviously a tragic circumstance. What she did find, though, was quite different to what anyone might have expected.

Finding the time to do something special

While we described at the top that many students help out for money, it’s clear that Eriegin was doing this to be kind. Her grandfather had passed on, leaving her grandmother in need of a lot of help. Reading over documents and looking at the financial situation of her grandparents made her feel worried: without a material change in circumstance, her grandmother might not be able to stay at home forever.

So, she got to work, hoping to both help get the place tidied up and hoping to find something that would be worth a few bucks. Pulling back a big section of tarp, she stood, amazed, at what was at in front of her – a fresh, untouched Lamborghini.

This was among the rarest cars on the planet, too – a 1982 LP500S Lamborghini Countach!

Undriven, in good (though by no means perfect) condition and also totally ready to be sold on, this was a tremendous find. And better yet? There was a Ferrari 308 next to it!

Instead of selling these rare cars back in the day, it was clear that her grandfather had held on to them with good reason. In a flash, their financial fears were put away into the distance, with offers made on both vehicles despite their condition issues.

While in perfect condition they could probably make you close to a millionaire, these amazing strokes of luck turned the tragedy of loss and the worry of financial deprivation into a feel-good story that, at the very last, had a happy ending after the loss of what was clearly a very intelligent, caring man.

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