Studies Show Owning A Dog Can Increase Longevity!

For years, we’ve known that dogs can have a massive, positive effect on our health, our mind-set and our mood. While particularly devilish dogs might feel like they test us in the wrong way sometimes, it’s no doubt that the majority of dogs are great animals to spend time with. However, a recent study that was carried out shows that, according to the results, we’re likely to live longer if we can spend time around a dog long-term.

Incredible Results

A Swedish study was carried out, taking in around 3.5m people in Sweden aged 40-80. There, the study followed them for a whopping 12 years; the results were pretty damn conclusive, too. It showed that those who had lived with a dog – even if they were single – were 33% less likely to die of ‘all causes’, while 36% less likely to die from heart disease. Can you see the link? Walking the dog and going for a walk is obviously going to have a massive effect on our health when we are out and about.

That being said, walking a dog isn’t something that many people will look to do all the time. Even just those odd walks will be enough to keep you going and give that ticker a bit of a chance to get pumping and keep you up, on your feet and busy!

As the newsreader says on the show, doctors might need to start prescribing dogs to people if these kind of stats are anything to go by!

Claims to Back Up The Study

A lot of people find that pets make the more active, more engaged and generally more positive. It can also be a good help for those who need help and support, from extra security to help getting around the place due to visual impairments. So, it’s safe to say that there is significant logical merit in this study.

Indeed, they even talk about how dogs can help with anything from helping autistic people to helping those with anxiety be more active. As the study shows, a dog at home can have a lot of positive effects – even on crazy stuff like the quality of our skin!

So, if you have been looking for something to add to the family and give you all a bit more comfort and maybe a better chance of living for longer, think about getting a dog.

They bring happiness in the home and they also provide us with enough subconscious benefits that, according to the study, we cut down our chances of death by a whole third!

I know I want to live for as long as possible – if you’re the same, maybe consider getting yourself a pup!