Success? Vaping Cuts Over 1.5m Smokers in Six Years

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While not everyone likes the vaping culture, it’s safe to say that it has had a tremendous effect on curbing smoking. As a former smoker myself, I know how hard it is to give up the concept of having a smoke. For many people, vaping is the next best option: I don’t do it myself, but can easily see the appeal for others. Add in the fact that it has helped the best part of 1.5m people to give up on classic cigarettes in just six years, and it’s easy to see why it has become so immensely popular.

Around 15% of English people used tobacco in 2017, according to studies. In 2011, though, that was closer to 20%. That’s a big drop-off, then, with around one-quarter of all English smokers giving up or moving on to a vape instead.

With 2.8m vapers in England, that’s a big boost from the smaller numbers just a short time previously. It’s interesting to see the drop-off, as people look to a healthier alternative to smoking. The habit is as hard to get right as anything else. For that reason, many smokers can find it hard to give up or to move on: vaping offers a still-to-be-guaranteed solution for those who want to some less.

Given the temperature differentials and the difference in the make-up of vape gear, it’s so easy to see why so many people trust it to be safer. You can make up your own vape liquid so that you know what you are putting into it. This cuts out the worry about taking in the dangerous toxins found in classic cigarettes.

It also means that you are not using a heating solution that goes to carcinogenic levels, as far as we know. Therefore, the difference in smoking numbers is easy to see: as more people begin to engage with vaping, it can only become more popular in the long-term.

At the moment, places like Sunderland, Manchester and Hull all have large smoking-related hospital admissions. The hope is that, in time, e-cigs will give enough people the impetus they need to give up smoking altogether or find a solution that will be far less dangerous for you in the long-term moving forward.

Not every one quit smoking

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