Surveys Show That Baby Boomers Might Not Buy Groceries Online

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Surveys have shown that Baby Boomers have not jumped on the bandwagon to shop for their groceries online, unlike the number of Millennials.  Other surveys show that delivery services and online services have increased, especially in comparison to younger generations.


Criteo conducted a survey of 1,000 US consumers, asking the participants about their use of online grocery delivery services.  The results revealed that with each new generation, there are fewer consumers using them.

It shows that 48% of Millennials and Gen Z surveyed said they do use some online grocery delivery services such as Walmart InHome, Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Stop and Shop's Peapod.  Only 37% of the next generation Gen X, said they ordered from online grocery services.

The oldest generation is the Baby Boomers and only 30% said they have used these services.  23% of Gen Z and Millennials said they do browse various websites for better selections compared to 20% of Gen X and only 10% of Baby Boomers.

Surveys also showed that Gen Z and Millennials think it's valuable to have the ability to gather product information with only 18% of younger consumers wanting more information in comparison to 7% of Gen X and 6% of Baby Boomers.

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 Shipping alternatives seem to be the least concern for shoppers.  Only 8% of Gen Z and Millennials thought this was important, 3% of Gen X and only 2% of Baby Boomers believed that comparison shopping was not of any value.


Mobile-only sales made up 26% of all digital US grocery sales.  Healthcare and beauty supplies were significantly over-the-top in mobile digital grocery sales. According to Criteo's survey, this is 37% and 31% of products ordered through an online grocery service.

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 Amazon Fresh delivery vans have been parking at Amazon Fresh warehouse in Inglewood, CA since June 2013.

 Last year, the online grocery market has been valued at $632 billion and doubled its market value between 2016 and 2018, according to this year's Business Insider Online Grocery Report.

This report revealed a total of 10% of US consumers, who regularly shop for groceries online, are a small portion of the larger overall grocery market.

 After all surveys, it seems online grocery markets are on the rise.  Annual reports showed that established participants in the industry and newcomers are getting into the industry to gain a better portion of the market share.