Swedish Film Festival Is Offering Film Lovers a Chance to See Movies Alone on an Island


While never being one of the top European film festivals the Gothenburg Film Festival has become one of Sweden’s biggest film events. The Festival which started in 1979 would draw, thousands of cinephiles to the area to watch films from around the world. As we are all getting into a new year, the pandemic still disrupts the movie industry as a whole, which includes festivals that largely depend on masses willing to come together into closed halls to watch movies together. That is why as many of its fellow festivals Gothenburg is going viral, except for one person.

One lucky person will be chosen to participate in what the festival is calling “The Isolated Cinema.”. The person will have one week alone on an island with the 60 movies that were chosen to be premiered in this year’s edition of the festival. According to the festival website, the cinema is “inaccessibly located at the very edge of the island of Pater Noster, in one of Sweden’s most barren, windswept locations.”

They even released a trailer for the experience:

“For seven days you will spend your time alone on the island where you will be given full access to the entire film programme at Göteborg Film Festival 2021. You will get supplies for seven days and be transported by boat to and from the island. But once there, it’s just you. And the films. During your stay, you’ll be able to talk about your experience in a video diary that the outside world can follow”

For more details and a chance to apply for this one-of-a-kind experience, You can do so here. Applications must be received by January 17.