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Favorite Celebs Turning 70 in 2019!

In the world of Hollywood, 70 is the new 50. Just as this list of celebs who have aged incredibly gracefully and are greeting the big seven-oh in 2019. Get ready to be surprised with some of these celebrities who you would never have believed are 70!


Game Of Thrones Stars Before Fame

Game of Thrones is the most pirated television in history with Rolling Stone naming it one of the “greatest television shows of all time”. Whether they’re an honorable Stark, a fierce Targaryen, or a cunning Lannister, a mystifying Arryn, an enigmatic...


The Cutest Celebrity Kids Around!

One of the best parts of social media these days is following yo0ur favorite celebs and seeing their absolutely adorable kids grow up. I guess it makes sense that people like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian will produce some of the cutest offspring around...


The Most Famous Celebrity Kids, Today!

One of the advantages of social media is seeing your favorite celebs and their famous kids grow up. These pictures were taken off their famous parents’ social media accounts. Let’s see ’em!
Harper and Gideon

Neil Patrick Harris and David...


Most Charitable Good-Hearted Celebrities

With celebrity status comes a lot of power and a lot of extra cash. While some celebs use it to increase their car collection or go on endless vacations, there are also those that put it to good use and are heavily involved in worthwhile charities.
We are...


Stars and Their Kids Dress Like Twins

You may think matching outfits with your kid is a step too far or plain weird, but these celebs prove that dressing like twins with your mini-me can be one of the cutest and most fashionable things to do.

It may be because they are plain gorgeous or world...


The Celebrities Turning 50 In 2018

Turning 50 is one of life’s biggest milestones. Finally, you’re closer to 100 than you are to0. At this age, many are already parents, some are grandparents, while others have focused to put all their effort into their careers instead. For celebrities...

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Celeb’s Kids Head Off to Prom

For all high school students, prom night is the most important night. You get to dress up, take pictures, and dance the night away. There’s also the possibility of being Prom King or Queen which adds an electric excitement to the already magical...


Shhhh: Celebrity Secret Weddings!

While the life of a celeb comes with many upsides like the fame and fortune, it can also be pretty annoying when your privacy seems to go out of the window. That is why this list of celebs tried their hardest to have one of the most special days of their life...