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Top Google Searches of 2018

With the year now coming to the end of its timespan, it’s time to start looking back on 2018. It has been quite the interesting year, with a hell of a lot of change. The world, though, feels very much on the precipice of massive, lasting change. If you ever...

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2018 Largest Ships On The Seas

While we don’t quite use sea travel to the extent of our ancestors, traveling via water is still pretty damn popular. Many people love to go to the sea because it allows a sense of liberation from the laws of the land. That being said, you might also suffer...


B-E-S-T Knock Offs Ever

When you go shopping online on certain sites or in particular parts of the world, knockoffs are very common. Some knockoffs are great – some are even better than the original. Most, though, are a minor percentage of the original product for a good...