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Spider Boy Steals the Show

As I sat in the movie cinema, giant popcorn and coke zero in hand, I was ready to be disappointed. “Spiderman Homecoming” was definitely not my first choice, but never one equipped to fight peer pressure, there I was. It’s not only that I am not the...


Logan has Left the Building

Although Hugh Jackman hung his claws as Wolverine after seventeen years, the fans of the X-Men series can rejoice in the fact that his last movie might just be the best in the bunch.

Hugh Jackman, who has recently successfully beaten cancer for the sixth...



Let’s just face it, 2010 has had some great movies: Shutter Island, Toy Story 3, and even some surprises –Karate Kid. No one expected that movie to be good. But, Christopher Nolan’s Inception took the first page in my book.
Imagine, just for a brief...


Shaquille O’Neal producing a movie

When we first heard about it, it seemed like a strange couple: Famous gallerist Larry Gagosian sings a contract to produce a documentary movie about a local basketball team, choosing the legendary NBA L.A. Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal for a partner...


Meet the band from Ghostbusters remake

Last week the “Ghostbusters” had its Hollywood premiere, so the expected celebrities and stars of the movie were there to be seen. But what also came to attention were 3 elementary school teachers posing for a close-up, after years and years of having...


Best movie posters – Part 3

Today, we continue with our list of the most famous and influent movie posters ever made.

Casablanka (1942)
Even though the original is simply the best, it was famously riffed on in the poster for The Good German. This black and white simplicity of the film...


Top 30 movie posters – Part 1

People easily forget most movie posters, but there are always some pieces that we remember for a long time. Some of those images even became a part of pop culture. Here’s the first part of our list of best movie posters.
Downhill Racer (1969)
The poster...