Technology Gone Wild: The Matrix Phone Is Back!

Over the years, as technology has evolved further, new phone styles have become increasingly prominent. From people going nuts for Cloud Strife’ awesome phone from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to the awesome ‘banana phone’ from the Matrix, these often are turned into reality in a short space of time.

That’s very exciting, and the introduction of the ‘banana phone’ from the hit movie The Matrix was a major hit at the time. Now, though, it’s back!


As the Nokia 8810 4G hits the market, fans of The Matrix can now talk like Neo did. But we hope you won’t end up like he did. This new smartphone was a major surprise, with very little detail about it prior to its unveiling at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Showing off its style that’s far removed from the capabilities of a late 90’s mobile device, this is a very impressive addition to the Nokia smartphone list.

The old Nokia 8810 was released back in the day, starring in the film and becoming a bit of a major hit on the market due to that. Now, though, it’s back and more powerful than ever before!

It keeps the old shape and style, but now has a bright yellow version. It will be more than capable of running popular apps like Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps. It’s like a half-way house between an old mobile and a smartphone; while you can use Facebook, you can also play Snake!

Affordable and reliable, it’s got a 25-day standby battery life and would make a fine backup phone. Just don’t expect it to be producing anything too advanced; much like the Matrix, the passing of time has buffed down some of that quality that once was so apparent. It’s not going to be a phone for everyone, but fans of the Matrix will surely appreciate and enjoy the release.


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