Technology Meets the Workplace

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Technology is, in the near future, going to have a huge impact on the way people work. According to experts, AI bosses and robotic co-workers are going to make the workplace nearly unrecognizable.

Robotics and AI may seem a dream come true but consider the implications of this. Your AI boss will never need to take a break or any days off. In fact, your new AI boss will be fully aware of all the work you have…or have not…completed.  Micromanaging to the extreme, anyone?

Virtual Reality Steps up to the Plate

Virtual Reality has the potential to change and augment all of your daily visual activities. Augmentation Virtual Reality will have a far greater effect on the workplace than full Virtual Reality. Augmentation Virtual Reality will allow you to add data to things already happening around you in the workplace.

Construction workers may be the first to enjoy the benefits of VR. They will use this technology to see specifications and tech data involving the materials they are using on site. They will be able to visualize where to place the materials on the build and every direction involving the building project.

Medicine will most likely be another field to benefit from VR. Surgeons, for instance, would be able to use VR augmentation goggles in many different ways.

Work from Home Tech

Remote work is catching on, expanding every year. Millions are currently contracted by companies all across the globe. Technology means that internet speeds will continue to increase. Work that was never able to be done remotely before will now become possible.

Current tech has allowed for people to share huge files with high-speed cable and high-speed fiber connections, something that a few years ago was considered impossible.

The Institute for the Future’s Future 50 program believes that virtual reality will add to the ability to perform more work remotely. As director Dylan Hendricks explains, "This is becoming much more of a practical infrastructure than people realize. You can interact with people very far away and share data."

Want more versatility in your remote work life? Holographic conferencing and meetings may mean that workers never need to leave the house.

 AI Bosses will Work 24/7

AI bosses may be more reliable and incapable of playing favorites at work, but they will also be far more aware of your work than their human counterparts. AI bosses are incapable of emotion, and while on one hand, this means you will never be lectured for poor work, it also means that your new AI boss cannot sympathize with you for any extenuating circumstances that affected your work.

Your new AI boss will be keeping continuous tabs on your work quality, the hours that you have worked, and many other factors that some employees can hide if needed.

It’s not an entirely new concept. In Japan, an ad agency known as the McCann Workgroup uses an AI robot as a creative director. While the team had to manually find effective ad strategies in the past, the AI director can “understand” what makes a good marketing strategy.

The AI director gives suggestions to improve ad campaigns and come up with more effective ads.  Per the McCann Workgroup, this AI creative director is an overall winning solution for the team.