Terrifying Halloween Records to Scare You Silly

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As one of the most wonderful yet terrifying times of the year, Halloween brings people together through the ability to scare one another. It’s one of the best ways for you to have some fun and to make people feel a little worried, but it is by no means a reason for you to feel like you cannot have fun at the same time. If you want to make Halloween feel a touch more authentic, though, here are some terrifying Halloween records you will love/hate to read.

The Skeleton Army

Swansea University might be acclaimed as a top quality university, but it’s also a pretty damn scary place. You see, they managed to bring together a whopping 2018 participants to take part in the Jokers’ Masquerade, with everyone dressed up as terrifying as they could to take on the whole street surrounding them.

Once everyone was gathered, they underwent one of the largest “day of the dead” dancing session we have ever seen: truly something to be seen to be believed.

This follows on with the rather terrifying 15,458 people that got together to take part in the Zombie Pub Crawl, Minneapolis in 2014.

Dead Island

Another terrifying place to look is that of what we can only call Chucky Island – real name La Isla de las Munecas. It’s a Mexican island, and on it there are all manner of terrifying items that would make one shudder.

It’s got all manner of decaying dolls strewn around the place, making it feel so eternally haunting upon your arrival. It started in the 1950s, when Don Julian Santana Barrera lived on the island. He claimed to be haunted by a drowned girl, and wanted to appease her spirit by placing dolls on the island as a shrine to her. Yeah. Ironically, Barrera eventually drowned in the same lake she supposedly drowned in.

Lantern of Hell

The largest Jack-o-lantern in the world was rated at a ridiculous 821.23kg back in October 2010. It has yet to be topped, and was carved from the largest and heaviest pumpkin to create an utterly terrifying looking artistic lantern. It’s huge, it looks terrifying evil and it holds all of the hallmarks of nature progression that makes these kind of feats so impressive.

It’s terrifying and awesome in equal measure.

The Famous Scream

Interestingly a famous scream noise known as the Wilhelm Scream has been used in a whopping 133 movies, as well as in numerous games, theme park rides and more. It’s a terrifying sound, and once you hear it you will know exactly what scream we mean. It was used in all manner of old-school horror movies, and has even made it into popular films like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars.

It holds the record for being the most commonly used sound effect in the movie industry.

With these spooky stats showing you how just prolific and terrifying the industry is, you can now hopefully see that Halloween isn’t just a fat for certain types of people: it’s for everyone. Are you going to take part this year? If so, what are you going as? Where will you be?

You never know: you might about to join another record-breaking celebration of Halloween!

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