The African Hairstyle Exhibition That Will Blow You Away

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There are many ways to utilize your natural hair when it comes to style and design; people have come up with the most intriguing looks that have set trends worldwide. One unnoticed trend and style is the hair of African women, and how they utilize their gorgeous curls. One weave and afro stylist, Lisa Farrall, decided to pay tribute to African culture and exceed beyond the percieved limits of how afros and weaves can be stylized. Her collection is called 'Armor', and it dedicates its image to cultural references with a mix of fabulous hair styles as well as a blend of warrior style clothing.


source: Lisa Farrall source: Lisa Farrall and Luke Nugent

For a moment, let us admire the beauty of the woman in the picture. Her dark skin is pure and smooth, while her hair has a very intriguing weave blended into the warrior look. The painting along her body makes for more of an artistic feel, and overall she sits in a position of power and grace.

afro2 Source: Lisa Farrall and Luke Nugent

Now, this look is more of a powerful Goddess one, showing more of a stronger side on the warrior figure. The hair is everything in this picture, even more than the outfit itself. I admire the ringed necklace combined with the pure black dress. The hair looks one hundred percent natural, and the tint of white color makes it ten times more elaborate. For this look, I give it a ten out of ten!

afro3 Source: Lisa Farrall and Luke Nugent

Last but not least, we have the look of the mysterious warrior, hiding like a wolf in sheeps clothing. The silk hair matching the elaborately simple dress that leaves us wondering what this look represents in the aspect of African Culture. The white paint is subtle on the hair while the face is decorated with an intriguing pattern that makes you wonder about her story, and who she is.


Overall, this collection truly leaves us in awe of the beauty of African women and African culture. It is truly amazing to see these different looks, and the models pulling it off at more than one hundred percent. The purpose behind this specific exhibit is to empower women of African descent to embrace who they are and feel the empowerment that comes along with being yourself. No matter what the color of your skin is, the ability to embrace every bit of your features can truly go a long way!