The Coolest Couple Of The Year Since 1972

Who was the coolest couple of the year? Who did you look at and say “wow… that looks like true love” but found yourself saying it over and over? I’m sure you would love to see these couples go on with their love, wouldn’t you?

Here’s a look back at those glamorous couples whose love felt just as real and intense as your crush from chem class.

1972: Carly Simon and James Taylor

Musical power couple Carly and James got married in 1972, just a year after they began dating. But Carly had her sights set on James way before they first met.

“I saw his picture on the cover of TIME magazine when I was walking home with my sister and I said, ‘I’m gonna marry that man,’” she once revealed to People.

Love comes to an end

They had two children together, and at the beginning, they were a happy couple as fans could see with their hit duets “Mockingbird” in 1974 and “Devoted to You” from 1978.

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