The Creation of Sustainable Eco Systems in Tiny Glass Containers is Real

Artists tend to find special ways to inspire their audience, often taking abstract concepts and turning them into reality. Art can often show us how to achieve the improbably, if not the impossible. It also can speak to us to help us feel guided towards making better decisions as a species. One such art project that does this comes from the artistic duo Lina Cirilo and Laura Goncales. The duo is working on the creation of tiny ecosystems which can exist within a small glass container.

Photo: @jardimnopote/Instagram

These adorable little containers have the capacity to store thriving, living ecosystems – the type that humanity seems hell-bent on destroying in the decades to come. These gorgeous little creations help us to see a thriving, living world all stored within the comfort of a tiny container. They also create cool little environments within the art, ranging from takes on scenes from famous media to little camping sites and more. The results are adorable and stunning.

The ecosystems are easily kept alive, too, with watering needed every ten to fifteen days. This ensures that they are easy to keep, so those interested in owning one could do so without having to worry about maintenance times and/or costs. A little bit of watering will ensure this ecosystem continues to grow, thrive, and develop.

Photo: @jardimnopote/Instagram

How did this project come to life?

Lina and Laura were both architects but had a desire to be more artistically out there. This ambition led to the development of some very interesting little projects and the development of these authentic little creations. The duo managed to create some awesome little sites that could give everyone a little piece of nature in their lives – no matter how small.

They proceeded to create some for friends and family, and the word soon spread. Since 2014, they have been producing orders and have become a thriving little company. Thanks to in-depth research of everything needed to make the order that a customer wants, the duo has managed to create a very authentic, attentive, and unique artistic project.

Terrariums have become a common artistic choice, but these two artists have found a way to make them even more unique. If you worry about the shrinking of nature, then something like these little ecosystems could be just what you are looking for to help add some green to your life in the concrete jungle.