The Creepy and Cute Style of Pastel Goth

In today’s world there are so many different fashion styles that it’s practically impossible to keep up with all of them. All the styles that were around decades ago, while your parents were partying teenagers, now have dozens of their sub-styles which have their own sub-styles, which have their own sub-styles…and so on, you get the the point. With today’s accessibility off mass media, especially the Internet, it’s much easier to come across different fashion styles on social networks, online magazines and even websites with clothing catalogues. Since we already mentioned the generation of your parents, do you remember the fashion of the gothic subculture? Well, today it’s much different from what it used to be back than, and it has so many different variations, from Victorian goth, hippie goth, cyber and tribal goth to the newest goth styles that just recently gained popularity due to the social media (especially Tumblr), such as nu goth and pastel goth. If you use Tumblr, there’s a strong chance you have already had a chance to see what pastel goth fashion looks like on your dashboard. If not, we are here to introduce you to this fashionable combination of creepy and cute.


Pastel, pastel and more pastel! This style is all about light and dreamlike exotic hair colours, such as baby pink or green, lavender, peach, mint blue ivory, and even grey and white. It is not unusual to mix a few different colours and get a unique sky-like hair. Hair accessories with flowers, spikes, or creepy details such as bows with eyeballs or skeleton hands are a must! And this applies to both guys and girls.


Leg garters combined with cute skirts and dresses, usually black or in any pastel colour, leggings with prints of crosses, bats, yin yang symbols, cats or dripping colours are widely used in pastel goth fashion. Of course, you can’t be wrong with ripped black skinny jeans either. Upper parts of clothing are often sweaters or shirts with text written in thick dripping fonts, which are usually sarcastic or offensive statements about you, as the person watching their outfit, or statements about the person wearing the top. Also, it could be just a low-pixel clip art of a cheesebruger. Wearing a shirt with a studded collar under the sweater really emphasises the edginess of these creepy-cute followers.

Other than dripping texts, pastel goths are really into colourful and low-pixel pictures and clip arts of animals, bows, food, cats, symbols, accessories or pretty much anything. The use of customised fonts on pink or backgrounds with nebulas, along with glitter and cartoon characters and rainbow is also quite common.


Pastel goths are usually seen in creepers and other shoes with high platforms, but heels with platforms, Dr. Martens and even your old Converse shoes can work! Just make sure to have some pastel or flower detail, and you’re good to go.


Studs, bows, flowers, glitter, half-moon symbols, pills, crosses wings and skeletons come in all shapes and sizes in this fun style. Another relevant part of the culture are big toy-like backpacks, often in shapes of bats, cats, already mentioned cheeseburgers or even unicorns. Chokers are long necklaces with simple symbols are a necessity.