The Five Best Drummers of the 21st Century

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These guys certainly know how to lay down the beat. Their weapons are sticks and their special power is speed. In this list, we've picked up 5 best drummers of the 21st century!

Luke Holland

Born: June 14, 1993 (age 23)
Music Group: The World Alive

Unlike many drummers, Luke is completely self-taught. He started playing drums when he was only eleven, after taking jobs around the neighborhood in order to save up for drum kit of his own. At the age of sixteen, Luke got a chance to stand-in as the drummer for Texas in July. Luke also notorious on YouTube – his most popular video being his drum cover of Skrillex’s Cinema, which has over five million views. Other than YouTube, he’s known as the drummer of metalcore band The World Alive, which he joined in 2013.

Matt Greiner

Born: October 28, 1985 (age 31)
Music Group: August Burns Red

His powerful, precise, fast, groovy and creative drumming has been turning heads and earning him accolades all over the world. As a toddler, Matt played beats with his hands on every surface he could make sound with, pretending it was the drums he was playing. At the age of ten, Matt’s mother signed him for piano lessons, where he developed his sense of dynamics and melody, but after a while, he realized he wasn’t enthralled, so he quit playing the piano. At the age of sixteen, Matt purchased his first drum set. He is now one of the most popular drummers in the world, also known as the drummer of the band August Burns Red. Matt Greiner is definitely on the way to becoming one of the greatest drummers that heavy-metal has ever seen.

Larnell Lewis

Born: March 22, 1984 (age 32)
Music Group: Snarky Puppy

The legendary Larnell Lewis is a Toronto-born musician, composer, producer, educator, clinician, and drummer. Lewis has been featured on the cover of Drums Etc, a national drumming magazine. He was first introduced to drums in church when he was only four years old. This is where he started to learn to play a variety of styles including gospel music. Larnell was a student at Humber College in which he was the 2004 recipient of the “Oscar Peterson” for Outstanding Achievement in Music ($5000 scholarship reward) – the highest reward given by the institution. He is known as a drummer for Snarky Puppy (jazz, jazz fusion, pop, jam band), and he has also performed with many music artists and musicians, such as Dave Holland, Michael Brecker, and Jully Black.

Chad Smith

Born: October 25, 1961 (age 55)
Music Group: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chickenfoot

Widely is regarded as one of the best rock music drummers, Spin magazine places him at #10 on their list “100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music” in May 2013. He started playing drums at the age of seven, mainly listening to music groups including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and so on. Chad Smith is best known as a drummer of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Travis Barker

Born: November 14, 1975 (age 41)
Music Group: Blink - 182, Antemasque, Box Car Racer, Yelawolf, Transplants

Travis can play beats all day long. Thanks to his hardcore sensibility, punk rock energ, and hip hop groove, he brings a new style of drumming to this millennium’s scene. In 2014 and 2015, Travis Barker was named the best rock drummer based on the results of the Rhythm Magazine’s poll. He is also ranked #99 on the Rolling Stones Magazine’s list “The Best Drummers of All Time”. He started playing drums at the age of 4. Now, he’s best known as the drummer of Blink – 182.