The Four Fastest Cars on the Planet Today

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As one of the industries that never seems to stay still for a second, supercars are always changing. What was once seen as the crown jewel of the auto industry will quickly be seen as nothing more than a relic within a few short years. That kind of pace means that we can often pick up yesterdays’ diamonds for the price of today’s gravel.

What, though, are the present fastest cars on the planet today? What are the bank-breaking super-cars on the market that you could, in theory, drive?

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Capable of hitting a dizzying 268mph the Super Sport makes it easy for you to fully appreciate its unique power. Very few cars are able to hit this kind of speed range, and this was able to break the original limit of the SSC Ultimate Aero. While it might cost you a cool $1.7m to get one, it’s still a car that many would dream of driving.

So now that you know what the typical speed point is for some of the fastest cars in the world, where would you like to start?

The incredible speeds that these cars can reach makes us wonder just how fast we’ll be travelling in the next decade and beyond. Is there really any need to go faster than this? We’re sure someone will say yes!

Koenigsegg Agera RS

This number is technically the fastest car in the world, as they can 100% prove their claims. The other two are capable of hitting their speeds according to their developers, but the Agera RS can be seen doing an eye-splitting 278mph in videos.

The Swedish designers behind it have outdone their normally outstanding selves with a special model indeed. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie, too, which only helps to set the fact this is such a powerful car apart from its competitors.

SSC Tuatara

Next up is the aesthetically wonderful SSC Tuatara. This beauty is one of the top American cars, and has become a bit of a specialist in the industry. According to experts, the car is capable of hitting as high as 300mph; a whopping speed indeed.

It uses a 1,750HP twin-turbocharged V8 engine, a whole 5.9l of it. It’s a ridiculous engine power, and would make it one of the fastest cars in the world to drive if you ever managed to get lucky and land in the seat.

The Venom F5

One of the most wonderfully designed cars we’ve ever seen, the Venom F5 by Hennessey Performance Engineering might just be the fastest in the world. With a ridiculous 7.4l twin-turbocharged V8 engine, this can hit a quite silly 301mph. Imagine that kind of speed for just a second: it’s the kind of ridiculous speed that put simply, would just feel hard to really think about.

If you’ve ever seen Men in Black, then the turbo button on their car is kinda of how we’d imaging 301mph to feel like. The Venom GT is another model of theirs, and has been shown to reach as high as 270mph.


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