The Girl Who Caught the Eye of Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Have you ever tried to catch the attention of one of your most biggest inspirations, and fantasized about recieving their attention? One little girl decided to dress up at school as her most inspiring figures, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. She truly is an intelligent young girl, who is only eight years old. Once Ruth Bader Ginsburg found out, her response made a viral story for all to be inspired by.


Michele Threefoot had to specifically dress up as a superhero for her class’s special, and creative day. While everyone ended up dressing as the typical comic book heroes, Michele showed her own form of a superwoman. This is truly an example of how children are the future, and as cliche as the saying goes, you have here a young girl admiring a powerful woman as her very own superhero. The story is so powerful, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself had found out about it, and ultimately decided to respond in a fashion that simply made Michele’s heart drop to the floor.

Michele’s mother had filmed her daughter dressing up as Ruth, and once the video went viral, Ruth responded to the young, bright girl with a heartfelt letter.

The letter read:

‚ÄúDear Michele: You look just like me! May you continue to thrive on reading and learning. Every good wish, Ruth Bader Ginsburg”.

Let this story inspire you to admire the true superheros of our society. Michele is an example of the power we have as an intelligent society to truly make a difference. In this case, the most important quote for this story is “Girl Power”! I truly commend Michele for her statement, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg for reaching out and touching this girls heart, thus continuing to fuel the flames of intelligence in the current generation.