The Hidden Horror of the Beloved Otter

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As one of the most adorable animals in the world, few animals inspire such forced choruses of “Awww!” than the beloved otter. However, behind those cheery little smiles and fluffy faces, there lies a hidden horror… an evil so profound that it’s quite hard to put into words. You see, the otter is among the most vicious little blighters in the animal kingdom.

You see, the giant otters of South America are some of the most fearsome animals around. Despite being part of the same species that gives us the adorable river otter, you can find that the giant otter is one son of a b**** animal.

For one, otters are VERY frisky when it comes to sexual conduct. They tend to be quite commonly seen holding their partner’ head underwater, biting their partner in the face and even KILLING their partner by being so god-damn rowdy. Add in the fact that they have been known to, uh, forcefully mate with other species like baby seals, and it’s easy to see why otters aren’t quite as cute as some would expect…

Capable of being as tall as 5’6”, they provide a very fearsome opponent even for a human. They tend to get palm-sized fists, and hunt in ravenous packs to make sure they can eat all they can. They munch on other vicious animals, too, turning snakes and crabs into dinner. They have teeth that are hard as nails, they don’t mind fighting and have no problem dealing some serious damage when called upon.

Not only is the giant otter a fearsome foe, but they seem to actually enjoy the experience. Few other mammal breeds get a divine pleasure out of killing, but they seem to quite enjoy wiping the floor with just about anything they come across. In 2016, a perfect example was provided: a gang of otters were at “Jungle World”, a popular exhibit that has some otters in alongside some monkeys. When one monkey gets too close to the water, the little otters spring out and pull him under the water, drowning the poor monkey.

It’s horrific, and there are other reports of otters doing the same kind of vicious murder tactics elsewhere, too. They also love to fight humans, too, by making us contract what is known as Valley Disease. It’s capable of causing everything from lesions in the bones to fever and inflammation in the heart and the brain.

It’s made by the southern sea otter, and it can be turned against unfortunate humans if they are not sure what they are dealing with. Few animals in the world are quite as wonderfully adorable to look at but then so viciously capable of doing real damage. Next time you see an otter, keep your distance!

If all the cute photos didn't convince you, here are some photos of an otter attacking an alligator:

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