The Last Alaskans Back for Season 4. Why?

The Discovery Channel is at it again. After initial belief that the show might be canceled due to the death of one of its main stars, they’ve decided to bring back The Last Alaskans for season 4. It’s a docuseries about a group of “modern-day pioneers” who live in The Refuge, the largest protected wilderness in the U.S.

battling it to the end and give a chance for fans to say goodbye”

I don’t think it would be easy for me to watch the renewed series with the trust I had a few years ago. Now that we know of so many times the Discovery Channel was not straight with us and practically tricking us into believing that what we see on their shows is real.

This season we will meet Bob Harte again, but this time as a cancer patient who is, as Discovery describes it: ‘battling it to the end and give a chance for fans to say goodbye”. Bob grew on us in the last seasons, but following him to his death? Quite low in my world.

We will also meet a family who will try to survive it during winter in the refuge. They, of course, also have internal family disputes, for the enjoyment of the viewers. Another couple will bring their baby girl into the refuge and put her in danger to get their 15 minutes of fame. Isn’t that nice.
Another man we would be seeing is a guy who needs to save his family business which was almost completely destroyed during the summer fires.

And the truth?

they've decided to bring back The Last Alaskans for season 4.

That’s the main issue here. Discovery channel has not been straight with us on so many of their shows, such as Bear Grylls, Alaskan Bush People (Alaska again), Gold Rush and many more.
Why should we think that this show would be different? Would they really put a baby in danger with a chance to freeze or starve? I don’t think so.
So yes, these types of shows have a crowd, but please… how gullible does the Discovery channel think we are? Pretty much if they keep sending these shows our way.

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