The Most Preventable Injury-Related Deaths

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There is a higher number of Americans becoming unknowingly overdose with drugs than death through a car accident or from a fall. This is based on a recent survey.

The abuse of opioid is currently on the rise in America. Its overdose is among the cause of easily preventable fatal injuries in America alone. According to the survey, it has never happened in the US until now.

Statistics and report that can be got from the NSC (National Safety Council) observed that information from the National Centre for Health Statistics states that the abuse of opioid is higher than vehicle accidents or falls.

Deadlier Than Car Accidents

In general, abuse of opioid represented over 43,036 fatalities in 2017 alone. This is an increase of over 5000 in 2016. Car accidents used to be the highest before now. With a figure of over 40,000 fatalities in 2016 and a slight drop to 40,231 in 2017.

The death ratio, as deduced by the NSC states that there is a ratio of 1:96 of every American death happening from the abuse of an opioid. This is against vehicle accident deaths that record a 1:103 ratio.

According to the NSC, the probability of an American losing his life is dependent on what they spend their time doing, the place they live, the place they drive and their occupation, etc.

NSC’s media person, Maureen Vogel, believes that the NSC statistics show a bleak image for its people.

“Americans are ignorant of the fact that the issues affecting opioid will not affect them, as they see it as being obscure. As such, it is nothing to be worried about for their loved ones or themselves.” Vogel’s mail to the CNN “But the information reflects the extent of the situation. It is not a secret that the abuse of opioid kills Americans every day. And these statistics reveal it clearly.”

The synthetic opioids are the type that are mostly abused. They are increasing faster than before. Tramadol, fentanyl, fentanyl analogues are examples of them. While heroin records the second biggest cause of deaths from opioid overdose. And its closest rival are Morphine, hydrocodone and oxycodone.

“America’s opioid worries instigated the NSC’s bleak odds. And the issues with opioids degenerates the more we experience an increase in fentanyl.” According to the NSC’s press release.

Avoidable deaths ― Recorded deaths that are not based on murder or suicide increased by over 5percent in the last three years (2016 till now). They are second death causes to only cancer and heart disease in America.