Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

What’s in an engagement ring? In celebrity life, like the saying rings true – if you like it, then put a ring on it. For celebrities, engagement rings act as a fashion statement to set themselves apart from their colleagues showcasing their status.

From Hollywood’s golden age to today, certified princesses to Queen Bey herself, join us for this look at the most beautiful celebrity rings of all time.

Paris Hilton

The Hilton heiress and boyfriend Chris Zylka announced their engagement back in January 2018. The announcement was done in such a new-age way – via an Instagram post. I wonder what her grandmother thinks about that! :-)

Size Matters

The huge shiny engagement ring is 20-carats and is priced, by professionals in the business, at $US 2 million. This was Paris’s third engagement to date. SOme say that third time’s a charm. But they are wrong. Paris called it off after 100 months. a few days later, Zylka wanted his ring back (he is entitled to it by law, as she called their relationship off).