The Most Stunning Libraries Around The World

If you were to speak to someone of a generation prior to the present, you might hear them talk about libraries. While I won’t pretend that ‘millennials’ don’t know what a library is, some people will have spent little to no time in one. What’s the point? The internet is like the biggest library in the world – one you can access whenever you want, right?

Not really. Libraries are places of unique learning, companionship and considered debate. They are also some of the most stunning architectural works you will ever see. Don’t believe me? take a look into the following libraries from across the world, then.

Strahov Library

Among the most amazing libraries of the ‘normal’ world is that of the Strahov Library in Prague. This amazing location contains over 200,000 different volumes, and has maintained that beautiful and enriching design – even after severe bombardment back in the 1740s.

Today, it’s still a fine place to come and read a book and, architecturally, will be among the most amazing libraries that you ever sit within.

Ottobeuren Abbey

The first German abbey library that we wish to mention is the stunning opulence of Ottobueren Abbey. It’s a tremendous place to spend time; a rich and intimate location that holds many books and objects at one stage, it held as many as 10,000. It’s also a location where some amazing concerts take place, with sounds from some of the most amazing organs found across the continent will be heard.

Library of the Seitenstetten Abbey

Among the finest in Austria, this amazing building is the perfect peak of regality: a fine blend of blue and gold to help create the most meaningful and impressive image possible. It was founded in 1112, and today is surrounded by a beautiful garden with over 100 different kinds of rose to be enjoyed.

The Library of Wiblingen Abbey

One of the most stunning abbey libraries in the world, this German work of art is a must-see. The amazing artwork within is incredible, and it’s stood the test of time in terms of detail. The amazing curved nature of the building makes sure that it sticks out immediately.

A fine example of the rococo style of the past, these amazing works are easily some of the finest in the abbey library industry. Be sure to check this out next time you happen to find yourself in Germany; it’s a library well worth the diversion.

The Admont Abbey Library

This stunning piece of work is found in Austria, and is the largest monastery library on the planet. It’s fantastic, and contains a whopping 48 windows to let in plenty of light – and illuminate the simply incredible detail which is etched into each and every wall of the building.

It’s a stunning place to spend your time, and a decadent place to learn about the world. As far as grandiose libraries go, you would do well to find one more impressive than this.


So, which one will you choose to visit first? If you find it hard to stay quiet in a library, the beauty of each of these should help to stun you into silence!

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