Plastic Waste In Our Oceans is Killing Baby Sea Turtles

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Our planet has become a human dumping ground of discarded items and has been going on for some time now.  Our oceans and waterways are major threats to other animal life and it's getting worse.  One photographer decided to capture the effect of litter that is threatening baby sea turtles in Honduras. The footage is shocking and totally non-acceptable.

A photographer from Honduras, Caroline Power, has been documenting the plight of endangered baby hawksbill sea turtles threatened by plastic pollution.  She is hoping her photographs will have an impact on humans discarding their trash wherever they please and will hopefully save the endangered animals.

Trash accumulation in Roatan might not be as large as the enormous Great Pacific Garbage Patch but is still endangering and killing vulnerable species like the hawksbill sea turtle.

These animals are not able to speak for themselves but Caroline's photos have clearly shown the plight of these helpless turtles struggling to just stay alive in an environment that is loaded with plastic trash.  These young sea turtles have mistaken plastic garbage as food which will cut their lives in half.  In many cases, while filming, this photographer has freed many sea turtles caught up in plastic rings or empty snack containers.

Not Edible

The bottom line, one piece of plastic ingested by these turtles is fatal.  Really young sea turtles run a very high risk of dying after eating plastic with 50% dying after eating 14 pieces.  It's shocking that the threats to the survival rate of endangered sea turtles' are very low because they are unable to regurgitate this plastic.

Sandra Hochscheid, a marine biologist. said there must be a reduction in using plastic and significant changes are needed.  Caroline believes the problem in Roatan is caused by various plastic traveling from the Motagua River and other waterways in Honduras and Guatemala.

People need to understand the impact this lifestyle is having on wildlife and make the choice to use less single-use plastics. In 2018, NowThis News showed Caroline's exclusive video “Baby Turtles Struggle to Swim Through Plastic Pollution in Honduras”. This video has received well over six million views as of March 2019.

Hopefully, this film and many others will force the human being to wake up and realize the destruction they are causing our planet and the lives of other living creatures.  Plastic items must be discarded in proper receptacles and safely destroyed or re-processed properly.